Wednesday, 25 April 2018

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the company
S.C Next Media S.R.L is a young private romanian company focused on innovative design and production of a large range of electronic and electric products as well as industry specialised solutions. Although our company has only been around in the last few years, we rely on our key specialist's many years of experience.

the strategy
We think that small companies and good ideas work great together. We don't want to be just another shrink-wrapping product company. Instead, we create new and straightforward designs and solutions while keeping an eye on costs.

the products
Our products and solutions are oriented around the following fields:

industrial solutions
telecom automation
environment solutions
home automation
software solutions

Although we mainly serve this domains, we do not stop here. We also offer custom designs upon request.

all products, content and documentations are property of S.C Next Media S.R.L. copyright © 2003-2009 . all rights reserved.