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airnet© supervisory system

  Airnet© : supervisory system for real-time environment monitoring Series: NMAIR
airnet environment monitoringDescription
AirNet© has been developed for online remote environment supervision, for air polluting factors. Supervising sites are spread into an area and connected together to a supervising center through mobile data links. The network operations are: all data are retrieved from environment sensors, from where the sites are installed, then transmitted to the supervising center through mobile phone operators, using a data link. At the center, all data are analyzed and processed, then displayed as colored graphics or maps, over the entire area where sites are installed. When normal levels for a certain environment parameter are exceeded, an alarm is triggered. Then, following this alarm, the environment inspectors can deploy a mobile unit, to perform more accurate measurements. Any environment factor variation above the normal levels is acknowledged at the supervising center in a matter of seconds. Public recorded data can be made available from a dedicated website.
  Advantages and benefits

▪ Real time environment analysis procedures

▪ Studies concerning interaction between pollution and adjacent domains (environment protection, the way noxious factors affect the ozone layer, urban impact, agricultural impact)

▪ Extra-features (biological, nuclear and chemical attacks detection and side-effects)

▪ Predictive evolutions analysis for polluting parameters, based on cyclonic maps recorded by meteo supervising satellites. (contamination flow direction, noxious substances spreading model in an area, estimated concentration in specific a point after a given time)

▪ Automatic sampling procedure a contaminated air sample is locked into a recipient for further analysis

▪ Time-efficient detection and prevention of ecological accidents

  Extensions available

▪ PH monitoring in industrial waters nearby industrial areas
▪ Natural disaster monitoring

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