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nextsys linesolid state contactors

  Solid state contactors Series: NSC

nextsys solid state contactorsDescription
Solid state contactors represent the last generation of contactors. Solid state contactors, unlike conventional contactors, feature no electromechanical parts - their construction is entirely electronic. The advantages are numerous: they have an almost unlimited lifetime, they work precisely and noiseless, are silent and are designed to avoid network shocks generation. Static contactors are recommended in applications that require a high switching frequency like heating circuits, dryers, single and three pole motors and other kind of industrial applications.

Advantages and benefits
▪ extra long lifetime
▪ high switching frequency - a must for applications requiring continuos switching
▪ zero or instantaneous for resistive or inductive loads
▪ noiseless switching - suitable in places where noise is an issue
▪ precise and high speed response - ensures best switching time (Ton/Toff < 1ms)
▪ operation under wet conditions due to the special insulated construction
▪ compact and easy to install

  Charecteristics and versions
▪ rated switching loads of 10A, 12A, 16A, 25A and 40A
▪ single and three pole versions
▪ zero and instantaneous switching
▪ rated control voltage of 8 - 40Vcc or 48 - 400 Vcc
▪ auxiliary contact for signaling, NC type

  technical specifications (romanian) adobe acrobat document download
  technical specifications (english) coming soon

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