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  Phase switching system for single and three-phased power circuits Product code: NMPSS-3FX

nextsys phase switcherDescription
The phase switching system is used where single phased energy powering is required, yet a three phased system is available. If one or two phases are interrupted, the system automatically switches to the working phase, as long as it fulfills the predefined minimum voltage. The phase status is being signaled using two-color leds. Two control outputs are provided for the control of the switching contactors.
  Fields of usage
▪ industrial
▪ cable tv networks
▪ communication and mobile telephony
▪ internet distribution centers
▪ corporate servers
  Charecteristics and versions
▪ single phased modules for 120A, 60A, 16A with/without phase signaling
▪ three phased modules for 120A, 60A with/without phase signaling
▪ single phased panel board for 100A, 50A with/without phase signaling
▪ three phased panel board for 100A, 50A with/without phase signaling

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