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nextsys linestairway time relay

  Stairway time relays Product code: NMTR36

nextsys stairway time relayDescription
The stairway time relay is used to control outdoor or indoor lighting for short times. The device is set to maintain the light on, once started, for a preset period of time, varying from 3.5 to 8 minutes. The time relay can be operated by push-buttons or movement sensors and can be connected to a light sensor to block light usage during daytime.
  Fields of usage
▪ house stairways
▪ offices
▪ industrial spaces
▪ any other indoor or outdoor place to be short-time illuminated
  Advantages and benefits
▪ avoids network shocks generation by zero switching
▪ works with light and movement sensor extensions
▪ works with all kind of electric wiring systems
▪ normal or retriggerable work mode for optimum comfort
▪ built-in protection for blocked buttons
▪ noiseless operation
▪ compact and easy to install (DIN rail mount)
  Extensions available
▪ light sensor (product code NMTR36-L1)
▪ infrared movement sensor (product code NMTR36-M)
▪ button lighting power extension (product code NMTR36-S1)

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